A Bela Adormecida
Directed by Francisco Cristo
Produced by Francisco Cristo
English Title Sleeping Beauty
Written by Francisco Cristo
Release date(s) 2007/06/26
Running time 2 min. & 44 sec.
Country Portugal
Language Portuguese


This short-movie was produced in the subject of portuguese language by the time that Francisco was studying in ITAP (Instituto Técnico Artístico Profissional De Coimbra). The teacher asked to choose a traditional tale and remake the story in the modern time with a bit of "crazy stuff"! It was written and produced in one day.


Once opun a time, there was a princess named Maria Albertina was giving a walk by the garden of Guimarães Castle, when she prick her finger into a rosebush. She then got with a high depression, and when to the kitchen and asked Isaura, the castle's housemaid, for a relaxing Lipton tea, but instead, since that she had some blindness problems, she ended giving a chloroform pack. Then, she fell asleep... After that, her sister Helena and their grandparent Grande Alfa, they scolded Isaura. But then, Grande Alfa, had an idea, and went to Delta Cafés's warehouse and meet Rui Nabeiro to buy a triple cofee cup for Maria to wake up from Maria'sdeep sleep. WHen they arrived to the castle, they gave the coffee to the princess, but no action or movement from her. Grande Alfa begged for her to give a sign, and the sign was a huge fart that infected the room's castle...

Influences & ParodiesEdit    - asterix pc


Character Role
Maria Albertina The title character and a princess of Guimarães Castle.
Henela Albertina Maria's older sister and the other princess. 
Isaura The castle's housemaid with blindness problems.
Grande Alfa The wise old man of the Albernita family and the grandfather of the two princess.
Rui Nabeiro Delta Cafês's owner.


  1. "Charlie Chaplin Cue" by Jonathan N. Kupper [Introduction]
  2. "Ai Mouraria" by Amália Rodrigues [Ending]